Confection Jewels is The Art of Craft. Handcrafted, vintage cocktail-rings.
Our rings are categorized into the following groups:


    Exclusive, unique and never to be replicated. One of a kind means special, special like you. We use some of our most exceptional, rare and interesting buttons and gems from our personal collection to create these one of a kind cocktail rings. view more


    Just as special, rare and exclusive as some of our one-of-a-kind rings... Our limited series category consists of rings composed from larger lots of vintage buttons, gems and stones. Very limited availability, so get'em while you can!! view more


    Still handmade, still amazing. The only difference is, these selections were acquired in even larger quantities allowing us to create a line of affordable yet extraordinary cocktail rings, never compromising the quality, look and integrity of the classic Confection Jewel. view more

Like the ever-changing stars in the sky... Confection: The Art of Craft; the art of variety, the recipe for enchantment.
Conceptual and imaginative, each "confection" represents a different story, culture and timeline. The finest quality vintage buttons and gems from all over the world are used to confect each piece of our jewelry, adding to it's wonder, value and splendor.
Giving these vintage elements a new breath of life, allows us to honor their history and the artisans behind The Art of Craft.

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